Electric winch BMW-201-ED

A capstan winch that performs opening and closing of the gate and movement of the truck smoothly. 
The wire rope is tightened by the angle of inclination to the drum center to prevent it from loosing or idling. The length of the wire rope used is unlimited. 


Technical parameter

Model BMW-201-ED  
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Max capacity 1176N (120kgf) 980N (100kgf)
Line speed 15.7 m/min 18.7 m/min
Wire rope diameter φ6mm (6X24)
(Japanese Industrial Standards)
Gear ratio 1/40.3  
Motor type Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated 
Built-in motor
Output power 0.4 kW  
Number of poles 4 P  
Voltage and current Three-phase AC200V 50Hz 2.2A Three-phase AC200V 60Hz 1.9A
Brake Spring Actuated Type Brakes  
Duty factor 40%ED  
Weight 48.3 kg  
PDF BMW-201-ED.pdf