Engineering machinery seek new development under the new normal

Under the new normal economy, not only the national overall economic growth is slowing down, but also construction machinery as one of national infrastructure growth is slowing down. In the new normal, the state of the rapid growth in the past will be gone forever. Under this condition, engineering machinery practitioners begin to break the deadlock, break through the norm to look for new way of development.


At present, in addition to direct sales, construction machinery leasing is the most popular way in the engineering machinery market. Data show that in developed markets such as North America, the European Union and Japan, the form of lease sales of construction machinery accounted for 65% of the local market, has become the main way to sales. Among them, small engineering machinery leasing is the most common one.

In European and American countries, small construction machinery is family or municipal engineering's right-hand man, a lot of families operate small engineering machinery to mow lawns, trenching open soil, etc. Considering a lot of families and the use of small engineering, people from abroad introduced a new use-pattern of construction machinery - retail merchants rented small construction machinery. Engineering machinery retailer also said that with the method of construction machinery leasing can effectively working capital.


At present, engineering machinery market of our country remain low, many machines are idle, but if construction machinery retailers adopt new business-shop lease, not only can make the machine idle running, obtain working capital, but also can improve the utilization rate of the machine, reduce the cost of maintenance.

According to the data, China’s construction machinery leasing market is only annual 150-150 billion yuan, less than 10% of the domestic engineering machinery equipment usage, and there is a huge gap with the international level. At the same time, the domestic construction machinery market supply and demand are both very large, predictably, with the deepening of enterprise reform, under the action of leasing laws, its huge potential and space, possess great rental business.


As the engineering machinery has become increasingly saturated, the lease, as a rising star, become an alternative development path of construction machinery. Believe in the future market, construction machinery leasing industry will continue to constantly improving and produce huge economic benefits.