What type of engine can be used in cranes


materials lifting equipment motor


Crane is driven by motor, so in order to achieve the desired operation target, the motor also put forward many corresponding requirements. Crane equipped with different motor, the difference is not just about price, which requires everyone to polish eyes. Here we will summarize these requirements, and see what kind of motor you want to become materials lifting equipment motor?


In the lifting process, in order to cooperate with the operation characteristics of crane, motor often is in frequent communication, power, starting, braking and reverse state, and it is under the load at each stage is different. In view of this, crane motor must have strong overload capacity, thus sufficient to withstand greater overload and mechanical shock.


And in many lifting cases, the motor start with load, so in addition to want to have a better starting performance, the starting torque should be as large as possible. At this time as the crane work accuracy requirements are very high, so the speed is a key equipment, but various factors comprehensively, it can only be consistent with the actual working condition for electric control of motor speed.


In addition, we had better use the wound rotor asynchronous motor, hoist motor is also enclosed, which ensures that in the a variety of adverse conditions crane can operate normally.