Electric winch EME-400

This winch have two drums that rotate the same direction at the same time with several special wire rope groove and two wire rope press rollers attached on the each drum. It provides a stable dual direction pulling power and prevention of wire rope loosing by itself. Users can easily wind a wire rope onto the drum from any portion of the endless wire rope. The winch provides a selection of dual direction pulling in not only one direction but also various directions depending on the purpose of use. In addition, it is also capable of one-way pulling. Thanks to its light weight and small size, users can use it in a wide range of locations.

Liên hệ
Model EME-400  
Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Max capacity 3528N (360kgf) 2940N (300kgf)
Line speed 5.3 m/min 6.4 m/min
Wire rope diameter φ8mm (6XFi (29))  
Gear ratio 1/114  
Motor type Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor  
Output power 0.4 kW  
Number of poles 4 P  
Voltage and current Three-phase AC200V 50Hz 2.4A Three-phase AC200V 60Hz 2.1A
Voltage and current   Three-phase AC220V 60Hz 2.1A
Brake Spring Actuated Type Brakes  
Duty factor Continuous  
Weight 77.0 kg  
PDF EME-400.pdf


Technical Documents

*It is very easy to wind a wire rope onto the drum. Conventional endless winches require the use of special wire ropes, and processing the end of the wire rope and winding it from the end when installing it. Maxpull's endless winch supports use of commercially available steel core wire rope, and the wire rope can be wound from any portion onto two opened drums by opening the side frame. 

Remove the bolt of the side frame and open the frame. Loosen each bolt of the press roller located at the end of the right and left, and release the wire rope press roller from the drum. 

After winding the wire rope onto the drum, return the side frame and wire press roller to their original positions. Then tighten the bolts , set both ends of the wire rope to the wire stretcher, and take up the slack of the wire rope in using the wire stretcher. 

Operate the winch, and rotate the drums in forward and reverse to take up the slack of the wire rope between two drums. 

Surely take up the slack of the wire rope in using the wire stretcher. 
Use the wire stretcher again to take up the slack of the entire wire rope coming out between the drums.

*Control box 
Deverse automatic dual direction pulling work is possible by the control device. As a standard product, there is a control box with limit operation of reciprocating between two points (Additional cost to the winch body). According to customer requirements, we also offer optional control box that automatic operation can be controlled. Please feel free to contact us. 
*Inverter control box 
*Wireless control box

*Load calculation formula 

* Example of using EME electric winch